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At Imtek, our philosophy is pretty straightforward and simple…the CUSTOMER is our business.

Far too often you read an “About Us” page on a business website and within the first couple sentences you think it doesn’t really say much in regards to who they are, and what makes them different. After reading our about us page, we hope you leave with wanting to work with us.

We believe many small businesses tout their customer service skills, and the personal attention they provide to their customers, for two reasons; first, they actually think they are providing it, and second; because although they don’t have a clue of what being “service driven” means, they say it because they think it is what customers want to hear, and it will get them more business by doing so. To be a fantastic service oriented and grounded business, takes a huge investment when your business is starting out. And moreover, it takes an owner who truly defines the meaning of customer service from the beginning. If it is the foundation of who you are and where you started, it naturally becomes a given in the business you own/run. Putting people (customers) first doesn’t just happen, typically you are either built that way or you aren’t. If you solely look at Imtek from a customer service perspective, they don’t have any competition. They would be your only wide-format document specialist/provider in New England to purchase, maintain, and get supplies from. The reason? Because no other company is grounded in service like Imtek is.

In addition to providing exceptional customer service Imtek is an authorized servicing dealer for the following quality wide format printer manufacturers:

This allows us to take care of our customer's throughout every phase of the printer life cycle from sales, to service and repair, our team strives to achieve the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction.

One of the most common consumer complaints these days is the poor (or lack of) customer service. From never being able to get to a “real” person, to a recorded robot telling you to press 1 for this and 2 for that, to rude people you do end up speaking with; consensus is, few businesses are going above and beyond to satisfy, impress, and keep their customers happy. Fortunately for Imtek, Lee Harrington (owner and president), has a 40 year career in doing just that—providing top-notch superior service. Every time you call the Imtek office you will always receive just that, try it, give us a call!

Lee was educated in his field by attending East Coast Aero Tech. Because he started off in the wide-format manufacturing side of the business, all he knew and all he did for 13 years (1975-1988) was encapsulated in service. He was known by his managers, colleagues, and customers, as the “go to” service guy, and everyone wanted him working on their machines. He held every service position possible from beginning as a Service Technician, to Technician, to Technical Consultant, to Technical Specialist, to Service Manager. If it was service related, Lee has done it all, and done it very well.

In 1985, Lee was the leading service manager for a wide-format printer company who supported engineering firms, contractors, and international companies throughout New England. In 1989, Lee decided it was time to go out on his own and thus, his business Imtek was born. The industry has come a long way in the 41 years Lee Harrington has been in the business. From technological to continuous wide-format printer quality advances, they are always coming out with bigger, better, and new machines to keep up with industry and technical demands. But through all these changes over the years, the core tenet, his foundation, and how he was bred into the field—Service First! NEVER waivers. Service is always at the heart and core of everything he does in his business. “If you always put people (customers) first (in your business), you can never lose. My competitors are all sales, and for them, service usually takes a back seat. For that reason, and that reason alone, Imtek will always come out ahead, and our business will stand the test of time.”

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
Damon Richards

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