Wide Format Inkjet and Laser Printers

Which Large Format Printer Is Right For You?

Choosing a wide format inkjet printer or a laser printer that utilizes toner instead of ink is not only a matter of preference, but should also take into consideration the size and scope of your projects.

Wide format laser printers use toner cartridges with a fine, microscopic powder that can ensure faster printing, higher picture quality, and greater longevity. While these printers can be costly compared to wide format inkjet printers, they more than make up for their price when used for high volume jobs, as well as black and white prints, architectural drawings and blueprints, or prints that require small fonts.

On the other hand, wide format inkjet printers are ideal for printing color images, such as museum or art gallery quality prints, as ink is better able to reproduces subtle color gradation. Toner is susceptible to banding—exposing extraneous lines in the image—which appear as color gradates.

Is a Wide Format Inkjet or Laser Printer Right For Your Project?

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